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Acheter du CBD pas cher? Le trim est une forme de cannabis CBD au rapport qualité-prix inégalé!

What are the various types of CBD ?
CBD (cannabidiol), one of the main cannabinoids found in cannabis, is currently a standout product in today’s market. CBD has been studied extensively since its discovery, with researchers constantly uncovering new qualities and benefits associated with the product. CBD is effective at relieving stress, pain, spasms, etc., all the while remaining 100% natural and causing no psychoactive effects whatsoever. What’s more, CBD comes in many different forms, including dried flowers, oils, creams, herbal teas, and trim (the least expensive alternative).

What is trim ?
Trim is the product of residues that emerge when pruning the dried flowers of the cannabis plant. It is made up of leaves, crystals, filaments, and trichomes. Naturalpes cannabis CBD trim is grown in Switzerland and derived from the V1 strain (CBD variety with an extremely high concentration of cannabidiol and a strong taste, and requiring a breeding period of 4 years), which is known today for its outstanding therapeutic qualities. In addition to its natural and recreational virtues, trim is known for its outstanding versatility, in particular when it comes to cooking. This type of cannabidiol can be used as an herbal tea or to enhance the flavor of your recipes and dishes. What are the advantages and qualities of trim?

You’d like to enjoy the benefits of CBD but you’re on a budget ?
Trim is the least expensive type of CBD. Although somewhat less potent than other Naturalpes products, its concentration of cannabidiol is on par with other items and its price is extremely appealing for those who wish to reap the benefits of CBD without breaking the bank. Trim may have a little less cannabidiol than our dried flowers, but it is just as effective. Trim – and CBD in general – lets you relieve and manage everyday stress, anxiety, pain, spasms, and inflammations in a fun and playful way: cooking.

How do you consume it ?
Trim is a wonderful seasoning for all your dishes and recipes. It can be detected by the most sophisticated of taste buds, without overpowering the flavors of the other foods in the meal. The flavor of trim can stand out or be subtle, depending on how much you add and the way you prepare your dishes. For optimal results when cooking with trim, add some butter or oil (or other fat) to ensure the CBD molecules are absorbed completely.

In short…
Trim is a fun and enjoyable way to consume CBD, with its effects felt via your own personal taste and culinary creations. It’s also the least expensive type of cannabidiol, all the while remaining extremely potent, 100% natural, and wonderfully flavorful. Ready to give it a try? Your taste buds, senses, and wallet will thank you for it! Discover our monthly Trim & Win contest and win a CHF 100 gift voucher to be used on the full range of CBD products in our online store. Simply order a bag of trim in the size of your choice. You’ll be entered into the draw and the winner will receive an email with a gift voucher valid for one year. On your marks, trim, and win!

Image Credits: Cookies & Plat