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In a world where almost everything is played out on the internet, Naturalpes is betting on humanity, proximity and exchange. A look, a smile and, above all, clear explanations are part of Naturalpes’ DNA. This is why our company has two shops in Valais, in Martigny and Sion. We believe that sociability is important for our customers. In our shops they can look, stroll, smell and taste. And chat with our experienced sales staff.

In our shops, customers can see and touch Naturalpes products in real life. What they look like and why they are the best on the Swiss CBD cannabis market. All the different Naturalpes product ranges are displayed in the shop window. Various informative leaflets are also available about CBD and its virtues. Ezequiel (in Sion) and Baptiste (in Martigny), our two experienced salesmen, will be pleased to assist you. Check our opening hours so you don’t miss them!

This physical exchange is the basis of our philosophy: to bring well-being to those who consume our products and to support them in difficult times. To achieve this, it is essential to be well advised and to be directed towards the most suitable products. And why not test one of our offers for a while and then come back to us to adjust if necessary.

Of course, Naturalpes does not wish to remain cut off from the world and the rest of Switzerland. We want as many people as possible to have access to our CBD products and their well-being effects. The chat that opens up when you arrive on our website helps to narrow the distance that inevitably arises between us. Don’t be shy – chat with us and we will be happy to answer all of your questions. You can also call up the shops directly during opening times if you want to speak directly to one of our staff members.


Ruelle du Châpitre 1, 1950 Sion
+41 27 322 94 10


Rue des Cèdres 9, 1920 Martigny
+41 27 721 78 23



be part of the great naturalpes family

Would you like to become a retailer or wholesaler of the Naturalpes range of oils, cosmetics or dried flowers? The form you will find on the link below will allow you to contact directly the B2B department linked to professionals. By registering on our website, the procedure for processing your request will be accelerated and one of our staff will contact you as soon as possible. For future partners, small or large companies, who wish to sell our articles, we are open to all collaborations, do not hesitate to fill in the form.  

our points of sale

Naturalpes CBD Shop Martigny

Rue des Cèdres 9, 1920 Martigny, Switzerland

Naturalpes CBD Shop Sion

Rlle du Chapitre 1, 1950 Sion, Switzerland

Kiosque de Nendaz n°2

Kiosque de Nendaz
Route des Ecluses 2, 1997 Haute-Nendaz

Papeterie du Haut-Plateau Crans-Montana

Papeterie du Haut-Plateau
Route du Rawyl 41, 3963 Crans-Montana

Kiosque Grand-Place Lens

Kiosque Grand-Place
Rue du Grand-Place 5, 3963 Lens

Johanne Sarbach & Co. Zermatt

Johanne Sarbach & Co.
Bahnhofstrasse 62, 3920 Zermatt

Kiosque de la Gare Crans-Montana

Kiosque de la Gare
Avenue de la Gare, 3963 Crans-Montana

Kahna Queen Genève Eaux-Vives

Kahna Queen
Rue Maunoir 19, 1907 Genève

Aromalpes Leysin

La Cité 20, 1854 Leysin

The Big Blue Ape La Sarraz

The Big Blue Ape
Grand-Rue 31, 1315 La Sarraz

Sentoo Muay Thaï Gym Renens

Sentoo Muay Thaï Gym
Avenue du Temple 18, 1020 Renens

Kiosque du Bouveret

Kiosque du Bouveret
Route Cantonale 27, 1897 Port-Valais, Switzerland

K-store, Centre Migros Versoix

K-store, Centre Migros
Chemin de l’Ancien-Péage 1, 1290 Versoix, Switzerland

Kiosque CD Point-Presse Sion

Kiosque CD Point-Presse
Rue du Rhône 36, 1950 Sion

Station BP Marly

Station BP
Route de Fribourg 21, 1723 Marly, Switzerland

Station BP Marly

Station BP
Route de Fribourg 21, 1723 Marly, Switzerland

Station BP Martigny Simplon

Station BP
Rue du Simplon 150, 1920 Martigny

Station BP Martigny St Bernard

Station BP
Avenue du Grand-Saint-Bernard 39, 1920 Martigny

Station BP Fully

Station BP
Avenue de Fully 40, 1920 Martigny, Switzerland

Station BP Meyrin

Station BP
Route du Nant-d’Avril 90, 1217 Meyrin

Station BP Perly

Station BP
Route de Saint-Julien 268, 1258 Perly-Certoux

Station BP Lausanne

Station BP
Avenue de Montchoisi 63, 1006 Lausanne

Station BP Lancy

Station BP
Route de Chancy 17, 1213 Lancy

Station BP Monthey

Station BP
Avenue de l’Europe 19, 1870 Monthey

Kahna Queen Genève Paquis

Kahna Queen
Rue de Berne 59, 1201 Genève

SwissBud Cannabis shop Fribourg

SwissBud Cannabis Shop
Rue de Lausanne 17, 1700 Fribourg

The CBD Leaf Fribourg

The CBD Leaf
Avenue Beauregard 2, 1700 Fribourg

Kiosque ABC Martigny

Kiosque ABC
Avenue de la Gare 50, 1920 Martigny

Kiosque de La Tour Saillon

Kiosque de La Tour
Avenue comptes de Savoie 51, 1913 Saillon

Hôtel des Bains d’Ovronnaz

Hôtel des Bains d’Ovronnaz
Route des Bains 93, 1911 Leytron

Kiosque de Nendaz 21

Kiosque de Nendaz
Route des Ecluses 21, 1997 Haute-Nendaz

Soma CBD Shop

Soma CBD Shop,
Rue du Collège 21, 1260 Nyon, Suisse

Naturalpes CBD Shop Sion

Naturalpes CBD Shop Sion
Rue de l’Eglise, 1950 Sion, Suisse

Naturalpes CBD Shop Sion

Naturalpes CBD Shop Sion
Rue de l’Eglise, 1950 Sion, Suisse

Weedy Shopping

Weedy Shopping
Avenue du Mont Blanc 28, 1196 Gland

Naturalpes c/o The green Foam

Naturalpes c/o The green Foam
Rue de Bâle 26,
1201 Genève

Jubin Boncourt

Jubin Boncourt ( uniquement fleurs )
Route du Jura 9,
2926 Boncourt

Jubin Bevillard

Jubin Bevillard ( uniquement fleurs )
Rue Principale 28,
2735 Bévilard

Jubin Courfaivre

Jubin Courfaivre ( uniquement fleurs )
Rue Saint-Germain 20,
2853 Courfaivre

Smoke From The bong

Smoke From The bong ( uniquement huiles )
Rue de Bourg 19,
1003 Lausanne

Kiosque Le Fouineur

Kiosque Le Fouineur
Rue de l’Eglise 40,
1955 Chamoson

Cocorikush CBD

Cocorikush CBD
65 Rue Jean Jaurès,
42700 Firminy

Kiosque Esmeralada

Kiosque Esmeralada
Place de la Gare 1
1009 Pully