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CBD For dogs: Does It Work?

CBD For dogs: Does It Work? 

It is short, sweet, and adorable – that is Bailey’s story, a basset hound that lives in Shaw with her owner, Sandy Guillermo, and a third protagonist: CBD oil for dogs. For quite some time, Bailey experienced bouts of nervousness that never seemed to slow down. She was having problems sleeping to the extent of using a white-noise machine. Her owner could no longer take the shedding and shaking, and just like you and I; she visited a vet with her favorite animal friend. The veterinarian prescribed a dose of Trazodone sedative. So, did it work? Well, a little bit. But then you cannot solve a problem by creating another one bigger than the first. The prescription sedative overwhelmed sweet Bailey. Sandy described her as high and drugged up. This is not what she wanted for her best and loyal friend with one of the sharpest senses of smell. Sandy had experienced CBD’s benefits, but she had not thought about administering this market-disruptive holistic health solution to Bailey. It wasn’t until her friends talked about how their dogs were experiencing the positive effects of CBD that an interest sparked in her to try it out. Fast forward, Sandy and Bailey are one of the many that have built their health and wellness routines around the many benefits that CBD offers for both humans and dogs. Sandy is not alone; many may not be in the know about how CBD works for dogs. What about you? Do you understand how your dog can benefit from CBD? This article takes you through the fundamentals of CBD for your favorite animal buddy.

What is CBD for dogs? 

Is it the same as that taken by humans? You do not expect dogs to chew mint, right? CBD for dogs is somewhat similar to what we take. However, the delivery system changes in some cases as well as the flavor. For instance, some dog CBD products are laden with bacon aroma and taste. In case you are wondering, humans can use CBD oil for dogs. However, the potency levels may be too low to cause any impact. Conversely, CBD for humans may be too potent for your furry friend.

How CBD works for dogs

Your dog also has an endocannabinoid system, just like us humans. The diagram below shows your dog’s cannabinoid brain receptors: It is not only humans that can enjoy CBD benefits. Cannabidiol acts through the endocannabinoid system found in all chordates- animals with a spinal cord. Currently, there is no definite research into exactly how CBD works in dogs. However, preliminary studies give us a precious clue. Like in humans, a dog’s endocannabinoid system works when endogenous cannabinoids interact with specific receptors to offset homeostatic processes. Through the processes, their bodies achieve optimal balance in various biological functions, including sleep, eating, mood, and immune response.

Pros of CBD oil for dogs 

Here are five concrete benefits that many dog owners enjoy every day from the use of CBD oil for dogs.

Pain and inflammation

The most vouched for CBD benefit is probably its pain-relieving and anti-inflammation properties. Puppies are playful – something that reduces as they age. They run around and, at times, get injured or experience muscle inflammations. Some conditions, such as arthritis, may also lead to joint inflammation causing excruciating pain. Well, cannabidiol has been known to boost anandamide levels in a dog’s brain, which alleviates pain. In a 2018 study, CBD was shown to boost the body’s response to treat pain. A separate research presented positive results on how CBD aids with inflammation.

Stress and anxiety

Bailey’s condition can easily be described as a degree of stress or anxiety. Your dog is not exempted. Think about chilling traumas from the past or nights of a heavy downpour with cracking thunder and blinding lightning, where you found your dog hiding under a table, terrorized. Does that sound familiar to you? CBD for dogs can be the solution that you very much yearn for. In 2012, researchers reported that cannabidiol could boost the serotonin hormone – the “feel-good” hormone. This way, your dog can still remain calm even in the face of adversity or severe natural occurrences. A separate study also found out that cannabidiol can be used to treat anxiety disorders and insomnia.

Anti-cancer properties

Get this, forsake any cannabidiol product that is alleged to cure cancer. At this point in time, such claims are mere marketing gimmicks. Here is the truth behind CBD and cancer for your dog. Cannabidiol showed signs of stopping metastasis from spreading into other parts of the body. The cannabis-derived compound is sometimes used to support the body’s anti-tumor fight by boosting the body’s programmed natural cell death.


Yes, some dogs get epileptic seizure attacks. There may not be adequate research into how cannabidiol benefits dogs suffering from seizures, but the same cannot be said for humans. Around the globe, several drugs have been approved for epilepsy. Here is what you should know about CBD for your dog’s seizures. In a 2012 study, cannabidiol was shown to exert anticonvulsant properties on animals. The animals that received doses of cannabidiol presented reduced seizure frequency at the end of the study.

Appetite stimulation

It is not new that your dog sometimes does not finish its food. It is a pity seeing them not giving you those lovely eyes for the last bite on your plate. Well, it may be due to several reasons, some that we may have covered above already. Think about this: how well will your dog eat with barely immobile limbs due to inflammation? Cannabidiol may help revitalize your dog’s appetite thanks to its various properties.

Cons of CBD for pets 

Note that veterinarians have decried a lack of adequate research on CBD oil’s benefits and side effects for dogs. Dogs have a lower tolerance for THC than humans. CBD laden with little amounts of THC may lead to unwanted anxiety cases for your dog, which is why Naturalpes’ Animals CBD oil is a Broad Spectrum oil which is THC-free.

How to dose CBD for dogs 

This is a common question, especially for starters. Unfortunately, there is no definite answer, and you may ask why this is so. Well, your dog’s response to CBD depends on several factors: severity of the condition, age, weight, and even sex. This explains why there is no conventional dosing chart for pet CBD. However, here are some tips to help you get the best out of CBD for your dog.
  • The best way to take CBD is through microdosing. This means that you will start from a minimal dose as you increase or decrease depending on the effects or benefits your pet exhibits.
  • If you experience no benefits with a small dose, you can gradually increase it after a few days until you see positive results in your dog.
  • What about any adverse reactions? Whenever you witness any severe side effects accompanied by benefits, tone the dose down little by little until you achieve balance.
  • It is recommended that you consult with your vet before administering cannabidiol to your dog for the first time. If you notice any adverse CBD effects, it is wise to inform your vet and seek advice rather than experiment alone.

Before you buy CBD oil for dogs

So you have decided to boost your dog’s wellness with the benefits of CBD, congratulations! But before you swipe your card for any purchases, here is what you should consider.
  • CBD from organic hemp: Do not fall for cannabidiol extracted from chemical-laden hemp. Organic and non-GMO hemp is the way to go.
  • Real vs. ideal quality: Is your selected product analysed for purity and potency? From the analysis, you can know the amount of CBD and if any psychoactive THC is included. Also, you can determine whether harmful additives are included.
  • Liquid CBD vs. Dog treats: Dog treats are great, but they may challenge consistent dosing. Liquid CBD is seamless to administer and gives better results with a better shot at consistent dosing.
  • What does the price tell you? Cheap cannabidiol products are bound to be extracted and processed under non-compliant methods. On the other hand, expensive CBD oil is not a magic bullet for quality CBD oil. Instead, choose affordable, pure, and potent CBD based on the above attributes.


What did you learn about CBD for your dog? If you are considering starting your dog on CBD, this article answers the most common questions: what is CBD for dogs? What are its pros and cons? And what makes the best CBD oil for dogs? Your dog will enjoy better days to come with the best CBD oil. It deserves happiness to the fullest. If you still have any questions about CBD oil and your dog, feel free to contact us on our website (don’t hesitate to use our chat function!) – the Naturalpes Team is here to give you any advice on this topic you may require.