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CBD for relieving pain

Natural relief

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the principal ingredients in cannabis. Unlike THC – the main cannabinoid in cannabis – CBD relaxes the user without getting them high, producing no psychoactive effects whatsoever. Today, we know more about CBD than ever. As a result, its sale and consumption are now legal in Switzerland and more and more people are being won over by its many qualities.

Cannabidiol – which affects one’s perception of pain by stimulating the TRPV-1 receptor – is ideal for relieving cramps and inflammations. It can also reduce discomfort caused by anxiety, nausea, schizophrenia, sleep disorders, and convulsions. In short, CBD lets you relieve several types of mental or physical pain without unwanted side effects.

A real-life example

Gaël, a professional wakeboarder and snowboarder and a Naturalpes ambassador since 2017, was able to experience and observe these benefits firsthand after accidentally falling off his wakeboard and tearing a muscle in his shoulder. During his treatment, his doctor discovered a sarcoma on his shoulder which was already several months old and required immediate surgery. The accident caused the sarcoma to reach his shoulder blade, causing intense pain which eventually became unbearable.

He had heard much about CBD, so he decided to give it a try to relieve the pain caused by the tumor, as well as alleviate the joint pain brought on by his daily sporting activities. The wakeboarder sought a natural alternative to pain medicine, one having no psychoactive effects. Gaël therefore experimented with the cannabidiol oils and sticks sold in our stores, and he wasn’t disappointed: these products effectively reduced the young man’s pain and caused no negative side effects whatsoever.

Today, Gaël uses Naturalpes oils.

According to Gaël, CBD is a natural product offering undeniable therapeutic benefits. He is therefore quick to recommend it to his friends – including one who underwent a transplant and another who has difficulty sleeping. They too were thrilled with the results and are now CBD connoisseurs.

CBD is proven effective for all kinds of physical pain, as well as for improving the wellbeing of its users. At the same time, it causes absolutely no psychoactive or unwanted effects.
Thanks to its natural qualities, CBD is quickly gaining in popularity amongst those in search of a product to alleviate the discomfort caused by arthritis, joint problems, and simple cramps, or just to improve the quality of their daily lives by reducing their chronic pain.

What do doctors think of CBD? The Head of Addiction Treatment Services at Geneva University Hospitals gives his expert opinion.