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CBD for treating depression in young people

It’s well known that adolescence and coming of age are difficult and complicated times in the lives of young people. Adolescents are likely to face a number of different hardships, including physical and mental pain, sleep disorders, anxiety, and panic attacks.

For some of them, this period is so hard that it affects their physical health, family ties, social life, studies, and eventually their future. In the case of 20-year-old student Matas, these daily obstacles took their toll until he decided to do something about it. As it turned out, the solution lied in the calming effects of CBD.

What role did these hardships play in the young student’s life?

When he was 16, Matas was most concerned with finishing high school and earning a diploma. Goal in mind, he began to study hard and obtain the required grades. During his junior year, he started to experience chronic stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and severe insomnia. Despite his best efforts, he was unable to let go of or get a hold on these feelings, which were becoming more and more difficult to bear.

Although he benefited from a good support network and a healthy family life, he was unable to control his mental and physical pain (due to a blatant lack of sleep) and his condition became alarming. He gradually felt himself “sinking into a depression.” His relationships and grades were the first to suffer, thus putting his academic success in jeopardy. “I wasn’t sleeping at night and could neither get up in the morning nor concentrate…It wasn’t long before I was unable to make it to school. I was stuck in a bleak and vicious cycle with little hope of emerging unscathed.”

How did he find the strength to make a change when faced with such difficulties?

Refusing to take pills, Matas continued to seek for an alternative solution to his problems. One day, a friend told him about cannabidiol (one of the two main cannabinoids in cannabis) and its amazing ability to alleviate stress and anxiety without producing psychoactive effects.

Somewhat skeptical, Matas did a little more research and learned that CBD is 100% natural and adept at relieving ailments such as his own with no unwanted side effects. After consulting a specialist, Matas became more and more convinced that CBD could help. Averse to the idea of smoking, he decided to go with Naturalpes Raw 13% 1105 mg/10 ml oil. CBD in hand, he tried it the next time he had insomnia, which in Matas’s case turned out to be that very same evening. Right from the start, CBD was effective at stabilizing (but not eradicating) the young student’s condition. Over time, he took advantage of the oil and its soothing qualities to manage his anxiety to such an extent that it no longer overwhelmed him.

Matas’s results and his thoughts on CBD

The young student was eventually won over by cannabidiol as it helped him sleep and provided the necessary peace of mind to concentrate on his studies and lead a more balanced life.
Matas therefore sees CBD as an excellent solution for those who suffer from physical and psychological problems.
Effective, legal, natural, and widely available, cannabidiol is appealing to more and more consumers as a surefire way to relieve their ailments.
CBD allowed Matas to reduce and alleviate his discomfort, and for that he wholeheartedly recommends it to his loved ones.

Today, Matas continues to use cannabinoid and regularly stops in at Naturalpes to pick up some Raw 13% 1105 mg/10 ml oil for its ability to calm him down without making him feel high.
In September, the young man will fulfill his dream by starting college, something that never would have been possible had he not discovered the benefits of CBD.