Find the best CBD Cannabis

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (also known as CBD) is a component of cannabis that is currently very popular. Indeed, like its cousin tetrahydroannabinol (THC), it is one of the two main cannabinoids in hemp plants.

Unlike THC, CBD does not cause any psychotropic effects on our body, although it would help relieve stress, anxiety, chronic pain and facilitate sleep, digestion, etc. This cannabidiol is appreciated by a large number of users, who are constantly growing.

Where to find them?

Since 2016, the sale and consumption of CBD cannabis not exceeding 1% THC has been legal in Switzerland.

This is why Naturalpes offers many products made from hemp, such as flowers, oils, E-liquids and Vapours, herbal teas, balms and creams, etc.

Today, we are adding a new jewel to our wide range of dried flowers: the Amnesia Haze variety.

naturalpes cbd champ

What is Amnesia Haze?

Originally from the Netherlands, this type of hemp flower has already won over a large panel of cannabis specialists and has won the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup on several occasions.

From now on, it is available in our shops and e-shop in CBD version and, although its culture has undergone a particularly hot summer with considerable heat, its harvest, most generous, has finally offered us a pleasant surprise.

What makes it special?

Amnesia Haze is said to be on the way to becoming the best CBD herb on the market, and the reasons for this achievement are many. In addition to its light green appearance and intense taste, the composition of this product is spectacular.

Indeed, made up of less than 1% THC (0.9% to be more precise), its CBD content is close to 20%. The effects of the plant are then increased tenfold by this rare proportion of cannabidiol, while maintaining the absence of psychotropic effect.

What are the effects of Amnesia Haze?

Legal cannabis would contribute to the well-being of those who use it. Between reducing inflammation, sleep disorders, digestive problems, anxiety, stress or acne, this cannabinoid would never cease to impress with its benefits and non-existent side effects.

How to benefit from its effects?

Amnesia Haze is intended to be smoked (it seems important to specify that inhaling the CBD plant allows an immediate action on the various ailments that can sometimes occur).

In addition, we advise you to eat well before consuming any dose of cannabidiol, as fatty acids promote the absorption and therefore the yield of this component of the hemp plant.

naturalpes cbd plante


In view of its many qualities, it seems obvious that Amnesia Haze will soon invade the legal cannabis market.

As a result, we offer you an exclusive quality product, which you can find in each of the Naturalpes points of sale and also on our e-shop.

So why not let yourself be tempted and experience this new wonder?