Working with the best to offer the best, that's the goal of Naturalpes. And we have achieved it. And with a partner who shares our company's values. For some time now, Naturalpes has been working with a laboratory in the Valais to process the CBD cannabis plants it selects. This particularly competent partner has been active in the region for a number of years and has state-of-the-art facilities. Since its establishment in the region, this laboratory has been keen to work with regional partners. It is therefore quite natural that Naturalpes has joined forces with them. With success.

The three chemists who run the laboratory have been active in the field of CBD cannabis in the broadest sense for many years. The processing of the CBD cannabis plant holds no secrets for them. They know perfectly well the products they can produce and how to meet the needs of their partners. This is why Naturalpes works with them.

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Already very rigorous in their manufacturing process, the laboratory will obtain GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification in 2021. This quality assurance is awarded to manufacturers of medicines for human or veterinary use.

The objective of this certification is to limit as much as possible the risks of cross-contamination of products (by another product, or an internal and external contaminant) as well as the risks of confusion, particularly with regard to labelling and identification of components. In addition, the certification requires the implementation of exemplary hygiene and organisational practices at all levels of production.

If Naturalpes works with these three experienced chemists, it is also because they share the values of Naturales. Indeed, they have been working for some time to limit the distance travelled by the raw material they use to 40 kilometres. This limits unnecessary transport and reduces the ecological footprint of the production of CBD cannabis products.

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