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100% legal

Naturalpes uses Swiss dried flowers from plants grown according to organic farming standards to create its e-liquids. All the flowers that are at the origin of the development of our e-liquid oils are legal in Switzerland. In accordance with Swiss legislation, they have a high CBD rate and a THC rate of less than 1%.

With regard to effects, THC carries the psychotropic effect of cannabis. On the other hand, CBD does not deliver any psychoactive effects, and is therefore legal in Switzerland.

A 100% natural and organic e-liquid

The various e-liquids, produced by us, are extracted from healthy plants, grown without synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers. CO2 extraction concentrates the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes. To manufacture the various vaporization products such as Vapas pen UNIQU3 or other e-liquids, several filtration processes or steps are carried out to obtain a superior quality.
Distillation is the final stage that will allow, after chromatography, to extract almost all (less than 0.2%) of the thetrahydrocannabidiol.

Our vaporizing products are manufactured in two different ways. The first method used for the oil contained in UNIQU3 cartridges is to cold extract the dried flowers to obtain a raw paste. Subsequently, several purification steps allow the oil to be consumed directly with the vaporization system of the Vape Pen. This product contains no additives, so the oil is pure. The second method, used for the oil contained in the “Best” Vape Pen, is by hot pressing called Live Rosin. Thanks to this process, we obtain a liquid rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. Then, the oil is filtered several times before being consumed. It also contains no additives and is pure. For the E-liquids in our range, the extraction method is identical to that used for UNIQU3 oils. After obtaining the pure extract, we mix it with MTC oil to obtain Full Spectrum e-liquids.

These different methods allow the creation of an oil with amazing qualities, which keeps the natural taste of the resin. In addition, these Vape Pen and E-liquids Full Spectrum fully reflect the benefits of the plant.

In addition, Naturalpes has a range of cartridges and batteries. The basic idea remains the same, these items are completely healthy and contain no chemical residues or heavy metals. We check and test all productions. This allows us to ensure the correct use and above all a superior quality of products.

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How to use it

Our E-liquids and Vape Pen are both used for vaporization. It is a vapour that visually resembles smoke from tobacco combustion. We therefore advise you to consume CBD e-liquids according to your desires while trusting your feelings, in order to adapt your consumption or your dosage. CBD blends perfectly with the basic composition of E-liquids, which is why this mode of consumption is becoming more democratic and increasingly popular.

For other types of consumption, please refer to the categories CBD oils and international cannabis flowers.

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