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Dried flowers

Buy CBD in dried flowers
These products are only available in Switzerland. Regarding legal CBD flowers all over Europe, please consult the dedicated category.
100% legal
All our dried flowers, legal in Switzerland, are highly concentrated in CBD, and contain less than 1% THC, which is the legal limit. The stability of our varieties have required several years of cross-breeding and have been carefully selected to obtain these results. Naturalpes offers a category of international cannabis flowers that is legal in European countries. This cannabis contains a maximum content of 0.2% THC.
Superior quality
Like all our CBD-based products, this selection of flowers comes from the cannabis plants (hemp) grown at the foot of the Alps. These plants are produced naturally, without chemical fertilizers or synthetic pesticides. Naturalpes requires a follow-up of the production starting with the choice of varieties, harvesting, drying and finally packaging. This system allows us to ensure superior quality on a continuous basis.

CBD cultivation occurs in three distinct ways: indoor, underground and outdoor. The climate of our region is one of the most favourable factors for its production. These types of crops provide exceptional yield and quality. The flowers, carefully selected, give a Swiss product of superior quality.

Naturalpes wants to be close to hemp growers. This is why we offer a varied selection, depending on the harvest. We invite you to come back regularly to visit this page and subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed of our new products.
Mode of consumption
These hemp flowers, rich in CBD (cannabidiol), can be consumed by combustion, vaping, as an infusion, and in many other ways! 😉 In the form of an infusion, it is preferable to add a fatty substance in order to provide a better assimilation of its properties. People who do not consume animals products may use honey, which is an excellent alternative. And as for other methods of consuming products containing CBD, you can consult CBD oils, vaping articles and vaporizers.

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