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Oils and CBD-based products

CBD Oils and CBD-based products
An oil that symbolizes excellence
Our Swiss producers make it a point of honour to work meticulously. Their experience and methods allow us to develop with passion oils extracted from our best CBD cannabis plants. Grown at the foot of the Swiss Alps, the plant offers us a panel of the richest and most complete cannabinoids, with spectacular virtues.
Our oils are of the highest quality thanks to the careful selection of strains, harvested with kindness and respect for the environment. Without chemical fertilizers or synthetic pesticides, Naturalpes' products retain exceptional properties in order to best meet your expectations. Our know-how, based on pure Swiss tradition, reflects the quality of our work.
Naturalpes offers you various and varied packaging options, such as:

Creams, Balms

All from 100% natural extraction and highly concentrated in cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN, CBN, CBA, etc.), our oils allow optimal results to be obtained, according to individual needs.
Our oil, without psychotropic effect thanks to its tiny composition in THC (less than 1%), allows the consumer to feel the various virtues of the plant by consuming only a small quantity of the product. This oil can therefore be suitable for everyone, for an intense, immediate well-being effect without any undesirable sensation or psychotropic effect. Our CBD cannabis products provide a soothing and relaxing sensation. They can help to achieve better sleep, reduce daily stress, reduce chronic pain and inflammation of all kinds, reduce anxiety and treat skin problems.

100% legal
All the flowers used to make our oils are legal in Switzerland, but also internationally. Our oils for the Swiss market consist of a mother paste called "Full Spectrum". This paste contains all the cannabinoids present in the CBD plant. The oils all contain a THC content of less than 1%.
For the international market, we have developed a range that meets the legislative requirements of many countries. Its composition comes from a distillate called "Broad Spectrum" and hemp or coconut oil complying with organic cultivation standards. The THC content of these oils reaches a maximum of 0.2%.
Products in the category CBD cannabis oils and derivatives are therefore legal in Switzerland.

Go to the category Oils and Derivatives – International to order from a European Union country.

Mode of consumption
Consumed in the form of oil, hemp has many benefits. Its seeds, also called hempseed, are a source of protein, minerals, vitamins and fibre, but above all have a high content of omega 3 and 6.  Hemp oil can be used simultaneously in creams and applied locally to the skin.
For other types of hemp consumption, please consult the international cannabis flower category, vaping articles and vaporizer.
In short, Naturalpes aims to be close to hemp producers in order to cultivate healthy, organic plants with optimal therapeutic properties. CBD cannabis is a natural gateway to well-being. Come back regularly to visit this page and subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed of our new products.

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