Autumn Freshness

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Regularly used as an accompanying beverage, this infusion composed of scented verbena, cinnamon basil, Moroccan mint, sunflowers, scented verbena, wild blue-berry flowers and pineapple sage flowers, has the most pleasant flavor.

Indeed, the freshness you will taste can be associated to that of eating mint candy (a sensation procured by the menthol which acts as a mild form of local anesthesia on the surfaces it touches). Furthermore, this infusion gives off a sweet and intense scent – due to the citrus – fragranced with slight overtones of camphor.

With its expectorant and antioxidant properties, it has the ability to reinforce and boost the immune system.

Preparation is especially quick and simple. Take a teaspoon of the mix, place it in a cup, steep for 4 minutes and then strain.


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