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You’ve been waiting for it… here it is: the new CBD Cannabis Strawberry GreenHouse. CBD’s reputation as a cure-all remedy can partly be attributed to the Strawberry. The popularization of this cannabis variety can be attributed to its anti-stress and anti-depression effects. The Strawberry is very accessible and will familiarize novices to CBD use, while seasoned users will still be able to enjoy a very pleasant experience. Thanks to its mixture of cerebral stimulation and relaxation, this flower will be an ally in any social situations.

Origins of the variety

The Strawberry strain of cannabis was bred in the Netherlands. Subsequently it is particularly popular in Europe. As shown in the 2000s,  when it became a new favorite among farmers in Fribourg and Geneva, Switzerland. The CBD Cannabis Strawberry GreenHouse from Naturaples grows in the heart of our beautiful Valais, where it can enjoy year-round sunshine.

Method of cultivation

As you will have understood, the production of this Strawberry Green House variety takes place in one of our greenhouses. This method of cultivation gives the flower optimal sunlight and ideal production conditions. Thus, the cannabis plant is protected from the weather, while the quality of its terpenes and cannabinoids is persevered through natural light.


The Strawberry cannabis strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid plant. It has large, dense buds, coupled with a nice layer of shiny trichomes. Lighter in colour than its indoor sister, sunny cultivation gives it a rich green color. A fruity taste in the mouth with  sweet strawberry and berries aromas completes the sensory experience of this beautiful cannabis flower.


As mentioned above, its genetics are sativa-dominant. It will therefore tend to energize and stimulate brain activity. The Strawberry is, for example, perfect in social situations: it promotes a reduction in anxiety and an increased good mood. There, you have it. Feel free to check our indoor-grown CBD Strawberry cannabis flower, as well as the 0.2% THC Strawberry cannabis extract made for international sales.


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cbd cannabis naturalpes advantagescbd cannabis naturalpes advantages

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