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CBD Oil Gold 20% Orange Label

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CBD (10ml) : 1800mg
CBD per drop : 9mg
CBD rate : 20%

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cbd cannabis naturalpes advantagescbd cannabis naturalpes advantages


Our new line of Orange Label cannabidiol oils has arrived!

Thanks to a new full spectrum distillation method known as “The Pure,” Naturalpes can now offer a brand new CBD oil with no THC.

Gold 20% Orange Label cannabidiol oil is extracted from the organically grown Fedora hemp plant. It has an exceptionally high concentration of cannabinoids and a limited amount of THC. As a result, the oil causes no psychoactive effects and there is no risk of building up a tolerance.

This oil is therefore perfect for anyone in search of a strong and immediate effect without the sensation of being high. It is derived from an extraction of highly concentrated cannabinoids, allowing the consumer to enjoy all the qualities of CBD (also present in our traditional oils) with just one tiny dose.

The core paste is extracted during a vaporization procedure that separates and refines the molecules. During this process, the steam allows for distillation and the elimination of impurities. Next, the paste is purified using a cooling system that separates the plant material (fatty acids) from the pure material and the chlorophyll. Finally, the oil is filtered and chromatographed to isolate the THC. The result is a premium product with all its active ingredients perfectly intact.

This line is ideal for all those who wish to use CBD without experiencing the effects of THC. Try it and see for yourself!

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With our new line of Orange Label oils, we highlight the many benefits that hemp has to offer. By using distillation to extract the oil, we’re able to obtain a high concentration of cannabinoids containing all the qualities of the plant. Gold oil has all its active biomolecules intact, making it ideal for alleviating stress, anxiety, pain, etc. What’s more, this oil can be used to stabilize certain bodily functions such as your mood, digestion, and appetite. Gold oil contains nearly no chlorophyll or fatty acids. It looks and tastes different than traditional oils, which tend to be more bitter. It is therefore extremely popular amongst consumers of CBD.


naturalpes cbd suisse precautions
naturalpes cbd suisse precautions


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