CBD Oil Gold 5%

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CBD (10ml) : 500mg
CBD per drop : 2.5mg
CBD rate : 5%
THC rate: 0,18%

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Extracted from natural cannabidiol, the CBD oil Gold 5% Full Spectrum remains entirely artisanal. It is cold processed to preserve all the components of the plant.
Technically, this operation consists of passing a gas through the CBD flowers in order to extract the purest oil. At low temperature, without destructive heat, the extracted mother paste concentrates all the elements that make CBD cannabis potent.
It is a know-how and a process that allows the preservation of active ingredients such as phytocannabinoids. The extracted mother paste is then mixed with cold-pressed hemp seed oil (approx. 85%). It has a dark, translucent appearance. The chlorophyll contained in the hemp plant mainly gives the extract this colour. CBD oil Gold 5% probably contains one of the lowest possible ratios of 5% CBD and 0.18% THC.

This low concentration is for people starting their relationship with CBD and the cannabis plant.

In addition, the CO2 gas extraction technique being an interesting and cleaner solution compared to the usual methods, it has been practiced more and more frequently in recent years. Find more CBD oils at Naturalpes.

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Due to its antioxidant and restorative properties, this product stimulates your cannabinoid receptors and will help you regulate many aspects of your body, such as appetite, mood, sleep and digestion. Produced in the Alps, our CBD oil Gold 5% is the ideal product to improve your well-being, to get through a difficult period or for concentration during an exam. It would also have anti-pain and anti-inflammatory virtues. It is advised during crises such as peak pain, anxiety, overpressure or anxiety. This product has the same properties as Gold 13% being issued from a dilution of the same mother paste. It is therefore less powerful and intended for sensitive people.


naturalpes cbd suisse precautions
naturalpes cbd suisse precautions


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