CBD Oil Gold 20%

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CBD (10ml) : 2000mg
CBD per drop : 10mg
CBD rate : 20%
THC rate : 0,82%
CBG rate : 0,16%

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CBD Gold 20% oil is extracted from cannabidiol and made entirely by hand. It is processed at low temperatures to ensure it retains all the components of CBD.

Technically, this process consists in passing a gas through the CBD flowers in order to extract the purest oil from them. At low temperature, safe from destructive heat, the extracted concentrate contains all the positive elements of cannabis CBD.

This premium product is decarboxylated to increase the potency of its active biomolecules. It then undergoes “winterization,” a technique in which the paste is cooled to filter out some of the waxes, fats, and chlorophyll and provide for a slightly translucent, golden hue. Finally, the paste is diluted with oil extracted from organic hemp. This CBD Oil Gold 20% contains 20% (2000mg) CBD and 0.82% THC.

This is a traditional method that allows for all the main active biomolecules (such as the phytocannabinoids) to be retained.

An excellent alternative to more traditional techniques, the extraction process via gas has gained in popularity in recent years.
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Made in the Alps, Gold CBD paste has been proven extremely beneficial for both your body and your mind. It stimulates your cannabinoid receptors and allows you to regulate many of your body’s functions, including digestion, hunger, state of mind, and sleep. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory and painkilling agent. Whether you suffer from stress, pain, or anxiety attacks, CBD oil is ideal for keeping moments of discomfort to a minimum. Produced from the same paste, Gold 20% oil boasts the same qualities as Gold 32% but is sweeter and somewhat less potent.


naturalpes cbd suisse precautions
naturalpes cbd suisse precautions


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