Wellness CBD-Oil 13%

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CBD (10ml) : 1300mg
CBD per drop : 5.85mg

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Thanks to a new broad spectrum distillation method known as “The Pure,” Naturalpes is now able to offer a brand new product: cannabidiol oil with no traces of THC.

Wellness CBD oil 13% is made from the sap of the organically grown Fedora hemp plant. It contains an extremely high level of cannabinoids and practically no THC. Since tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the ingredient that is responsible for hemp’s psychoactive effects, this oil will in no way make you feel high.

Thanks to its high concentration of cannabinoids, Wellness CBD oil 13% can be used in tiny doses to procure the same results as traditional Naturalpes oils.

The core paste is obtained by separating and refining the CBD molecules via vaporization. Steam distillation eliminates impurities while purifying the paste via a cooling process that separates the chlorophyll, the fatty acids (aka plant material), and the pure material. Finally, the oil is filtered and chromatographed to isolate the THC. The final product is of the utmost quality, losing none of its active ingredients and causing no undesirable effects.

This one-of-a-kind line is perfect for CBD consumers in search of a 100% THC-free experience. A revolutionary concept!

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Our new line of Orange Label oils epitomizes the full range of benefits that cannabis has to offer. The distillation process makes it possible to obtain an exceptionally high concentration of cannabinoids, thereby maximizing the qualities of the plant. Gold oil contains all the active ingredients that help you relax, alleviate pain, and improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

This product is therefore ideal for stabilizing certain bodily functions such as your mood, digestive system, and appetite. The oil contains nearly no chlorophyll or plant material. It tastes and looks different than other, more bitter products. As a result, it is often a favorite amongst consumers of CBD.


naturalpes cbd suisse precautions
naturalpes cbd suisse precautions


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