Cannabis CBD Strawberry Extract

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Type of crop : Green house
CBD-rate : 8,5%
THC-rate : 0,18%

Product based on Sativa L. extract. Strain: Felina 32

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The Strawberry -0.2% is one of those varieties that have given cannabis a reputation as a universal remedy. This is due to the strain’s delicate balance – it is an 80/20 sativa-dominant hybrid. Its highly recognized strain is now grown on CBD cannabis farms in Switzerland on a massive scale.

It produces a mild but long-lasting euphoria that clearly reduces anxiety in social interactions and thus reduces daily stress. An excellent companion to have in your precious “me time”. Effective for those suffering from depression or simply for those who need a mood enhancer, it is also consumed by those who want to spice up their relaxation experience or who need a little help to get to know each other and feel at ease.

True to its name and the myth surrounding it, Strawberry instantly produces two effects: firstly, it envelops you in a fruity and intoxicating aroma, and secondly, it makes you breathe in a cloud of strawberries. Its compact appearance is reminiscent of a certain strawberry, much cultivated in the 2000s by our Swiss farmers, including our dear colleague Bernard Rappaz. Its colour is lighter than its predecessor because it grows indoors.

The Strawberry ranks very high in the Indoor range recognized in Switzerland, we designate it as the new flagship variety of Naturalpes among dried flowers.


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