CBD Cannabis Harlequin GreenHouse

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Type of crop : Green House
CBD rate : 10%
THC rate : 0,4%

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Naturally rich the CBD Cannabis Harlequin GreenHouse is considered by many to be the best strain to consume. As a moderately potent plant, it is easily accessible to novices, while ensuring a particularly satisfying experience for experienced users. Its sativa dominant will provide relaxation without draining your energy.


Going through the genealogy of the Harlequin CBD flower takes us to faraway places as well as close to home. Indeed, this strain mainly descends from a Nepalese indica coupled with a Swiss sativa. Colombian and Thai varieties are also used in its composition. But, it is in our beautiful Valais (Switzerland) that our Harlequin will be cultivated. And, more precisely, in Martigny, the place of origin of Naturalpes.

Method of production

As its name suggests, our CBD Cannabis Harlequin GreenHouse grows in greenhouses. This method ensures optimal control over our growing parameters while allowing the plant to bathe in sunlight. This abundance of natural light guarantees the conservation of all the cannabinoids and terpenes naturally present in the flower.


The Harlequin CBD flower has a compact appearance with potato-like heads. The colours ranging from yellow-orange to brown remind us of the costume of this colourful character from whom it takes its name. Its taste is a subtle blend of woody musk and sweet mango. It is these intense and complementary aromas that give this exceptional flower its sweet and creamy smell.


Hybrid, sativa-dominant (75/25) determines the effects of the Harlequin. It offers a beautiful relaxation without imposing a lethargic after-effect. Its consumption has an anti-anxiety and pain-relieving effect while avoiding the paranoia caused by certain other cannabis varieties.

Coming from here and elsewhere, this high quality CBD plant will provide a rich experience for all types of consumers.

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cbd cannabis naturalpes advantagescbd cannabis naturalpes advantages