CBD Cannabis Silver Haze Extract

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Type of culture : Indoor
CBD rate : 3,49%
THC rate : 0,16%

Product based on Sativa L. extract. Strain: Fedora 17

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When it comes to CBD, this product is in a class of its own. Derived from the latest generations of CBD flowers, Silver Haze is one of the best-known cannabidiol varieties in the world. Made by crossbreeding Sativa roots and Indica, this plant is cherished for its robustness, brief blossom, and authenticity. Its flowers are concealed by a thick layer of crystals. As a result, Silver Haze is virtually white with hints of purple. It is undeniably one of the most unique and interesting indoor plants on the market.

Its mild and pleasant aroma – boasting notes of citrus fruit, mint, and spices – is a joy to inhale. Meanwhile, its earthy flavor is reminiscent of pine and currently all the rage amongst fans of CBD. Its light green color resembles our V1.

Finally, thanks to its low THC content (0.16%), the Silver Haze Extract will help you relax and unwind without experiencing any psychoactive effects whatsoever. Silver Haze is derived almost entirely from Sativa (80%), making it one of the rarest weeds available. Often produced in small quantities, Silver Haze is a premium product that is always a favorite amongst connoisseurs.

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