CBD Cartridge UNIQU3

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In addition to the UNIQU3 line, the hardware kit is a first in the world of vape pens. Thanks to its extraordinary cartridges and batteries, it provides for convenience, outstanding functionality, and the utmost in pleasure.

The “Cartridge” cartridges are one of the two main elements in the hardware kit offered by Naturalpes. Along with the battery, these cartridges ensure the vape pans function properly. They are therefore essential to facilitating and optimizing your use of the entire kit.
Our cartridges contain no heavy metals or chemical resides and are therefore perfectly safe. What’s more, their ceramic structure is the most sophisticated on the market and effective at preventing leaks.

Our cartridges are extremely convenient and economical, and never subject to oozing or the loss of liquid.
We test our cartridges one-by-one before making them available for sale. These inspections allow us to double-check the functionality and quality of our products.
We also customize each of our oils in accordance with the products that are on offer. In this way, we can ensure every oil provides optimal results and unmatched pleasure, regardless of the vaping device.

Our cartridges are designed to function at high voltages. It is therefore important to use batteries that are capable of powering them. Feel free to contact us if you have a doubt or question regarding batteries.

To sum up, “Cartridge” cartridges are essential to the proper functioning of UNIQU3 vape pens. Their structure, ergonomic design, and durability make using our products both quick and hassle-free. Thanks to these cartridges and the hardware kit, it’s easy to start enjoying the new UNIQU3 vape oils offered by Naturalpes.


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