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UNIQU3 has created a special kit for their new line of vape oils. This hardware kit is a must for facilitating and enjoying your vaping experience. The kit is composed of two separate parts: the battery and the cartridges. The battery is the kit’s motor and that which powers the cartridges. Without the battery, it would be impossible to use the kit and the oils. Our batteries contain no chemical residues or heavy metals. They are therefore of the utmost quality and perfectly safe. What’s more, all our batteries are guaranteed for life.

Their EVE 100% lithium cells and GRADE A ICs make them extremely functional as well as indestructible. FLUX batteries boast a voltage of 3.7 V and a power capacity of 350 mH. These batteries therefore provide for maximum power, all the while ensuring the kit works for as long as possible. In fact, these “little motors” are currently second-to-none when it comes to functionality and output. Nevertheless, it is important to note that FLUX batteries have been designed to work exclusively with Tasty cartridges.

In addition, these batteries should never be charged by way of quick-charge chargers. Smartphone chargers are therefore not suitable for charging these parts of the kit. Remember, the hardware kit has been designed to facilitate the use of UNIQU3 vape oils. In addition to its streamlined and robust look, the longevity of its battery and the output of its cartridges are the best on the market. The kit therefore provides for unmatched quality and enjoyment.

Naturalpes is proud to sell products such as these to offer our customers the best possible vaping experience.


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