CBD Oil Gold 5%

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CBD (10ml) : 500mg CBD per drop : 2.5mg CBD rate : 5% THC rate: 0,18%

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A CBD Gold 5% oil, produced in Switzerland.

This CBD Gold 5% oil, whose manufacturing process has been entirely carried out in Switzerland, will please you thanks to its exceptional quality and purity. For a long time set aside because of its association with cannabis, CBD is now conquering new audiences. Indeed, thanks to its growing reputation as a “universal remedy”, this cannabinoid (link article explaining the term) has found fervent admirers among its fans.

Selection and cultivation of the cannabis flower

In order to offer a quality product, at Naturalpes we are uncompromising in all stages of production. This starts with the selection of cannabis seeds according to their genetics. The choice will mainly be made according to the CBD/THC ratio; a plant that contains a particularly high dose of cannabidiol (CBD) versus very little tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is always preferred. A second aspect to be observed will be the cultivation method of the cannabis plant. In order for a CBD plant to develop its full potential, it must be provided with a suitable environment. This requires the purity of the air in which it evolves, the richness of its soil and an ideal sunny weather. It will then be a question of harvesting the plant at the very moment of its maturity in order to preserve all its properties. It will then be dried and crushed in order to transform it into biomass.

Production method for CBD Gold 5% oil

The production of a CBD oil is a complex process that goes through several stages. First, the biomass extracted from the plants will be transformed into a mother paste, using a supercritical CO2 extraction process. This is followed by winterization. This is a process that allows us to filter fat, lipid and chlorophyll. Then, finally, the filtered mother paste is heated to 105°C in order to convert the acid molecules to a neutral form. This transformation of the plant into oil is done in an extremely precise way, which allows the preservation of the entire phythocannabinoids.

Why should I use this oil?

CBD Gold 5% Oil is a full spectrum oil. This means that all the cannabinoids naturally present in the plant are preserved. This is a particularly interesting feature because it ensures that the potential of the cannabis flower is released. CBD oil can be used in a wide range of situations; its most popular properties are, however, its pain and stress relieving properties. These effects have been proven many times over in scientific studies.

How to dose CBD oil?

As explained in its name, CBD Raw 5% Oil contains 5% CBD. In one drop, one will find only 2.25 milligrams of CBD, as opposed to the CBD Gold 13% oil, which contains 6.5 milligrams. For a novice consumer of CBD oil, this can be complicated in the proper dose to take. Especially when using it for the first time. It is important to keep in mind that since we are all different, the amount needed to feel the effects of CBD will vary greatly from person to person. There are main principles, explained in our blog article “CBD Oil: What dosage? “on which to base a first use. But, it is really by trying and listening to each other that we will be able to find our own ideal dosage.   BUTTON_INFO:7276,10ml -,30


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