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Summer Flowers Infusion

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This infusion is best enjoyed as an accompanying beverage. Composed of scented verbena, Moroccan mint, lemon thyme, basil, sunflowers, wild blue-berry flowers and monarda flowers, it has a simultaneously sweet and slightly spicy flavor.
Both sweet and strongly aromatic, this herbal mix also has a particular effect on the human body. In addition to its antispasmodic virtues, it stimulates motor and sensory nerves and acts as a mild sedative. Thus, this infusion can be used in the soothing of coughs or in the relief of intestinal and digestion-related issues.
In addition, its preparation is extremely simple. Steep the herbal mix for 12h in cold water and then strain.
Best enjoyed nice and fresh, it is highly recommended to leave the infusion sit in the fridge for a while.


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