“Sweet Dreams” infusion with Hemp

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We know that sleep disorders can affect good concentration and also deprive your body of its maximum ability to regenerate. They can also have other long-term psychological and physical consequences.

In order to facilitate sleep and promote quality sleep, we have developed in collaboration with our producer of aromatic and medicinal plants 1001 herbs a preparation that is out of the ordinary.

The “Sweet Dreams” infusion with Hemp consists of plants that are fully certified organic in accordance with Bio Suisse’s specifications, followed by Camille Boschung’s farm in Soral in the canton of Geneva.

List of ingredients selected by our herbalist: hemp flowers, lime blossom, verbena, apple, tagetes, fennel and lemon thyme.

This combination provides you with the balance you need for a good night’s sleep.

Preparation: Infuse the mixture in water (75 degrees) for about 6-8 minutes.
Sweeten or add honey at your convenience.

Infusion bag sold in bulk: 25g, 50g


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