CBD Cannabis Therapy 2.0

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Culture type : Indoor
CBD rate : 12,2%
THC rate : 0,55%

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Our Therapy 2.0, a strain developed in the USA, is grown indoors.

One of the very first CBD strains developed, it represents perhaps the greatest advancement in the field of therapeutic cannabis today. This is one of very few strains available in the form of feminized seeds. This plant is a pure Indica strain.

The Therapy 2.0 cannabis CBD strain is not derived from industrial hemp; it is a genetic strain derived from recreational cannabis. It took the Shantibaba team four years of stabilization to achieve this result.

The production site is located in the town of Sierre, at the edge of the Haut-Valais and at the foot of the Alps. This Therapy 2.0 is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary products available on the cannabis CBD market today. The consumption of these flowers by combustion, vaporization, or infusion offers a feeling of peace and well-being. Its quality is evident in its light green flowers, set off by intense orange pistils covered with a lovely white resin layer. Its appearance is the fruit of a meticulous production process.

Its scents reveal sweet, almost earthy and fruity notes.
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CBD Therapy is an ideal strain for anyone looking to do hemp extractions, or for those who wish to use but can’t handle the psychoactive effects of cannabis caused by THC.
As for the taste aspect, it offers an appealing terpene profile. Its sweet, fruity, delicious aroma is complemented by earthy truffle notes.


naturalpes cbd suisse - CBD Cannabis Therapy 2.0
naturalpes cbd suisse - CBD Cannabis Therapy 2.0


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