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CBD Cannabis KS

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Culture Type : Indoor
CBD rate : 17%
THC rate : 0,7%

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cbd cannabis naturalpes advantagescbd cannabis naturalpes advantages


KS is back!!

This wildly successful variety is back with a vengeance to delight your senses. Savor the heady aroma of the new, next generation KS. This genotype, bred by KannaSwiss, comes primarily from Sativa strains. Harvesting these indoor crops is inexpensive, and the result is a flavorful, high-quality product.

Grown right in the heart of the Valais, in the lovely town of Sierre, KS can be recognized by its milky appearance. It’s similar to the famous White Widow, a high-THC cannabis strain bred in Australia that’s known for its high concentration of white trichomes and its strong taste. Its fluffy buds contain a very sticky resin. As for the taste, it’s a little lighter but just as pleasant, and reminds us of its big sister. The CBD rate of this plant reaches 17% with a THC rate of only 0.7%.

In short, the only real difference between this harvest and the last is its CBD rate. It’s still as strong as ever, and will delight its users.

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Expert Opinion

Our renowned KS is finally back; we’d been waiting with bated breath. Its taste, similar to the last harvest, still delights us. Its appearance has changed; it’s airier than its predecessor. Its citrusy aroma gives way to captivating flavors. We rate it among the best of Naturalpes’ bud selection.
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naturalpes cbd suisse precautions
naturalpes cbd suisse precautions


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