CBD Oil Raw 13%

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CBD (10ml) : 1300mg
CBD per drop : 6.5mg
CBD rate : 13%
THC rate : 0,52%
CBN rate : 0,28%

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A 13% CBD Raw oil, produced in Switzerland.

Produced in Switzerland in the canton of Valais, the CBD Raw 13% oil is of very high quality. Particularly popular among “wellness” aficionados, CBD oil – just like other cannabis derivatives – has enjoyed enormous international success in recent years. Indeed, thanks to several studies aimed at observing cannabidiol in a medical context, perceptions about cannabis are changing: from purely recreational use, there is now a shift from its purely recreational use to its world-renowned therapeutic benefits.

Selection and cultivation of the CBD flower

The quality of an oil such as CBD Raw 13% undeniably requires a rigorous selection and processing of raw materials.

There are many varieties of cannabis plants. Each one comes with its own properties and effects. Different CBD/THC ratios for different seeds. At Naturalpes, the selection of the genetics of the seed that will be grown is an essential step. It is a first step towards a quality end product.

Equally important is the choice of production method. At this stage, it will be a matter of ensuring that the plants receive all the nutrients they need. This will require a rich soil, a controlled atmosphere or a sufficient dose of sunlight. It is very important to ensure that the flower develops in an environment that will allow the plant to express its full potential.

Next comes the harvesting and drying of the cannabis plant. This phase begins after the plant has reached maturity. It is at this time that it will be delicately picked in order to preserve all its active ingredients. Then the flower will be dried for several days and finally crushed.

Production method of CBD Raw 13% oil

After the dried plant is crushed, it is transformed into biomass. Then comes the CO2 extraction process. This step will extract a mother paste of great purity. This will then be subjected to “Winterization”, a phase during which fats, lipids and chlorophyll are filtered out. Finally comes decarboxylation, which transforms the acidic molecules into neutral molecules.

Why consume this oil?

CBD Raw 13% oil is a Full Spectrum oil. This means that all the components of the cannabis plant are preserved. It contains traces of THC at the rate of 0.52%, which is legal in Switzerland. The full spectrum of this oil allows a surrounding effect that guarantees its benefits.

Indeed, nowadays, CBD oil is more and more popular for its therapeutic impact. Often used as a pain reliever or to regulate sleep, there are a large number of studies that corroborate the medical potential of the cannabis plant. One study in particular demonstrates the positive impact that CBD oil had on a teenage girl suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. This research conducted by Professors Shannon and Opila-Lehman was instrumental in reducing the anxiety in this young girl; and in helping her recover a peaceful sleep.

In the consumption of CBD oil, dosage is particularly important. So do not hesitate to consult our blog article “CBD: what dosage?“.



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naturalpes cbd suisse - CBD Oil Raw 13%
naturalpes cbd suisse - CBD Oil Raw 13%


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