Cannabis CBD Oil Raw 5%

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CBD (10ml) : 500mg
CBD per drop : 2.5mg
CBD rate : 5%
THC rate: 0,18%

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A CBD oil Raw 5% , produced in Switzerland.

Produced in our beautiful mountains, the cannabis CBD oil Raw 5% is of superior quality. Regarded by many as a “universal remedy”, CBD oil – like many other cannabis-based products – is enjoying a growing popularity throughout the world. The use of completely natural raw materials and environment-friendly production have won the hearts of wellness aficionados.

Selection and Culture of the Cannabis Flower

At Naturalpes we are uncompromising about the quality of the starting material used in our oils. The selection process  therefore goes through various stages. The first is the choice of genetics. This entails determining which seeds will offer the best CBD/THC ratio. A low tetrahydrocannabinol content coupled with a high percentage of cannabidiol will always be preferred.

In a second step, we decide on the cultivation method that will allow the plants to express their full potential. We also pay special attention to the quality of the air and the amount of sunshine each plant enjoys.

Once the plant has reached maturity, it is carefully harvested. At this point, the drying and crushing stage begins. An essential step in the transformation of the plant into biomass.

Production Method for CBD Raw 5% oil

From the biomass, and through a CO2 extraction process, we end up with a millbase of exemplary purity. Then comes Winterization, a process that filters out fats, lipids and chlorophyll. Finally, during decarboxylation, the millbase is heated to a temperature of 105°C; the molecules thus change from an acid form to a neutral one.

This process, which is extremely precise, guarantees the preservation of all phythocannabinoids and makes CBD oil Raw 5% an exceptional product.

Why Consume This Oil?

CBD oil Raw 5% is a Full Spectrum oil. This designation implies the preservation of all the components of the cannabis plant. A characteristic that allows the full potential of the product to be unleashed.

CBD oil is commonly used for its pain relief and anti-stress properties. Several studies have demonstrated its therapeutic nature. In particular, research conducted by Professor Zuardi compares the impact of CBD oil and a standard anxiolytic on various people. The results of this study show an equivalent effect on the subjects in both cases. An excellent example of the use of CBD oil for medicinal purposes.

How to Dose CBD Oil?

As its name suggests, cannabis CBD oil Raw 5% contains only 5% of CBD. One drop will therefore only contain 2.5 milligrams of CBD, as opposed to the 6.5 milligrams that will be found in the CBD oil Raw 13% .

For a first-time consumer, it might be difficult to determine the right dose  of CBD oil to consume. There is, indeed, no universal dosage. It is important to make up your own mind by trying different amounts of CBD for yourself. It can however be noted that due to its relatively low concentration of CBD, the CBD Raw 5% oil is particularly interesting for people who are generally very receptive.

To get a more precise idea of how to dose CBD oil, please read our blog article “CBD oil: what dosage?“.


naturalpes cbd suisse - Cannabis CBD Oil Raw 5%
naturalpes cbd suisse - Cannabis CBD Oil Raw 5%


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