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The effects of CBD on the body

We know that CBD is good for the mind (relaxation, painkilling qualities, etc.), but what about the body? We took the question directly to some consumers.

Sentoo Club, the Thai boxing school

The Sentoo Muay Thai Gym has two locations in Switzerland, in Sarraz and Renens (VD). The club teaches Thai boxing, an all-round sport also known as “the art of 8 limbs” in light of its use of the fists, elbows, feet, and knees. This type of boxing is ideal for improving agility and coordination, and suitable for everyone as you don’t need to be in any particular physical shape to get started.


The club has two gyms in two different locations. The first – which has been around for about 7 years – is in Renens and has around 60 members.
The second, in Sarraz, opened 2 years ago and has around 75 members.
By opening a second gym, the club has been able to prepare for competitions and now has two active fighters.
Before it could start competing, the club needed to find sponsors to help finance its fighters. Naturalpes, Naturalpes the CBD store, is the club’s main sponsor. We provide the fighters with all kinds of products derived from cannabidiol.

Lionel Pollo, one of the club’s two fighters, has much praise for cannabidiol: “Thai boxing is beneficial for both the mind and the body. Its effects are not unlike those of CBD, which is helpful when preparing for – and recovering from – fights.”


Getting to know Lionel

Lionel Pollo (27) works in sales and has been practicing Thai boxing for three years as a way to have fun and find personal fulfillment. Although he is not a professional, the young man trains 3 times per week – for 3 hours at a time – and fights in 3-4 competitions per year. He also lives a healthy and disciplined lifestyle, but one that can sometimes be grueling. After consulting with his coach, Lionel decided to try CBD with the hope that its effects and benefits would help alleviate his daily stress. Lionel first heard about CBD from his coach, who strongly suggested Lionel start using it to help improve his performance in the ring. Thanks to the club’s sponsorship agreement with Naturalpes, the fighter was able to experiment with Gold 32% CBD oil. Lionel felt the positive effects at once: he was calm, relaxed, and able to recover from his fights more quickly. CBD also allowed – and continues to allow – Lionel to feel much less stress before competitions that can be severe.

Convinced? Lionel was immediately sold on CBD. “I like using CBD because it’s natural and produces no psychoactive effects. It lets me relax without affecting my performance; in fact, it helps me compete even better.” The fighter wholeheartedly endorses CBD, its beneficial effects, and the products offered by Naturalpes. Our store offers a wide range of products made with cannabidiol (oils, smokable CBD, etc.). These products are ideal for relaxing and relieving mental and physical pain naturally and with no negative consequences whatsoever.

Today, Lionel still uses Gold 32% oil and the club continues to recommend Naturalpes products to members who wish to relax their muscles and mind without experiencing harmful side effects.