CBD Gold 32% oil

40.00 CHF - – 70.00 CHF

Type of product: CBD oil, Cosmetic
100% natural, Swiss production

Extraction: Full spectrum

CBD (5ml): 1600mg CBD
CBD per drop: 16mg
CBD content : 32
THC content: < 1%.

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CBD Gold Oil 32% - 100% Swiss

Produced in a valley in our beautiful Valais mountains, our CBD Gold 32% Full Spectrum oil stands out from the rest due to its high quality and its 100% Swiss and natural production. With its universal reputation, CBD oil - just like other cannabis products - is enjoying a growing popularity all over the world. Our exclusive use of natural raw materials, local and environmentally friendly Swiss production and above all the effectiveness of our oils have won the hearts of many CBD consumers and wellness aficionados.

Why use Gold 32%?

Our Gold oils all have less than one percent THC and therefore have no psychotropic effect. They are therefore suitable for people seeking to improve their well-being. The fact that all cannabinoids are present in our Gold oils allows you to benefit from the entourage effect, thus enjoying the virtues of CBD but also all the other phytocannabinoids naturally present in hemp. Gold 32% is an oil with a high concentration of CBD, recommended for sporadic use, for example when you are suddenly unwell.

Genetics and cultivation of the cannabis flower

At Naturalpes, we are uncompromising about the quality of our raw materials. The selection process therefore goes through several stages. The first is the choice of genetics. This involves determining the seeds that will offer the best CBD/THC ratio. A low tetrahydrocannabinol content coupled with a high percentage of cannabidiol is always preferred.

We then decide on the appropriate growing method that will allow the plants to develop to their full potential. We also pay particular attention to the quality of the air, the properties of the water used for watering and the amount of sun the plants can receive.

Once it has matured, each plant is carefully harvested. The drying and grinding stage can then begin. This is an essential stage in the transformation of the plant into biomass.

CBD Gold 32% is extracted from organically grown Fedora hemp. Its cannabinoid concentration is surprisingly high.

Production method of CBD Gold 32% oil

The biomass obtained after drying and grinding is then used in a Supercritical CO2 extraction process. This process ensures that all phythocannabinoids are preserved in the mother material recovered from the extraction. Unlike other types of extraction using butane or ethanol for example, here the solvent used is CO2, a gas naturally present in the air we breathe. Our extraction is therefore also carried out in the cleanest and most natural way possible.

Winterization then refines the mother paste by filtering out the fats, lipids and chlorophyll to recover a purified material. This filtered material is then heated to 105 degrees so as to transform the molecules in acid form (CBDA / THCA) into neutral molecules (CBD / THC). This operation is called decarboxilation. This purification process allows us to obtain our Gold oil, a purified version of our Raw oil. Our Gold is therefore milder, while retaining all the cannabinoids of the hemp plant and remains a full spectrum oil.

The mother paste is then diluted with hemp seed oil as a carrier to obtain the final product: a high quality Full Spectrum CBD oil.

Information on the Gold Range

At Naturalpes, our Gold range consists of CBD Gold 5%, 13% and 20% in vials with hemp seed oil as a carrier oil. We use coconut oil as a carrier oil when packaged in pen form. Find our other oils in the CBD Oils category.

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