Autumn Freshness Infusion

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This organic herbal tea is often used as an accompaniment. It is made up of aromatic verbena, cinnamon basil, Moroccan mint, sunflowers, cornflowers and pineapple sage flowers. All these natural ingredients give it a very pleasant taste in the mouth.

Indeed, the freshness of the blend can be compared to that felt when eating a mint (this freshness is due to the menthol, which provides a slight form of local anaesthesia on the part with which it is in contact). In addition, this infusion has an intense, sweet fragrance - due to the citrus fruits - enhanced by a slight note of camphor.

This blend of expectorant and anti-oxidant plants has the ability to strengthen the immune system and stimulate it.
Its preparation is especially simple and fast, it is only necessary to put a teaspoon in a cup, to let infuse 4 minutes and to filter.

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